Spuzzum Nation leadership is comprised of a Chief and two Councilors who are responsible for making decisions on behalf of the First Nation and its members. The election of Chief and Councilors of Spuzzum Nation is through a Self-Governing First Nations Election.

Self-Governing First Nations elect their leadership through an individual election process which may vary depending from Nation to Nation and are often unique to the specific community.

Chief and Council direct Nation business with a clear mandate to provide good government, consistent with the vision and principles of good government established by the members.

Spuzzum First Nation, Chief-Harold Bobb

hbobb@spuzzumnation.com  |  604-860-5086

Chief Harold Bobb
Spuzzum Nation, Spuzzum BC - Patricia Eidem

Peidem@spuzzumnation.com  |  Cell-604-860-3574

Patricia  Eidem

As a proud member of Spuzzum First Nation, I’ve had the pleasure of serving as Councillor for the past two years. My portfolio has been in Health, representing our community at First Nation Health and Fraser Thompson Indian Services Society working in conjunction with Boston Bar, Boothroyd and Oregan Jack Creek First Nations bringing health services to our community. More recently I have taken on the Housing Portfolio, working with our Housing Team.

My goal is to bring as many services to our community as possible, this will enhance our people’s health and well-being.

Spuzzum Nation, Spuzzum BC - Diana Stromquist

Dstromquist@spuzzumnation.com  |  Cell-604-860-3240

Diana  Stromquist

Dedicated Interests

Spuzzum First Nation Member’s meetings
Spuzzum First Nation Annual General Meeting
Spuzzum First Nation Membership Code
BC Aboriginal Child Care Society
School District #78 Boundary Review Committee
School District #78 District Parent Advisory Committee
School District #78 Policy Committee
School District #78 Operations and Facilities Committee
British Columbia Confederation of Parent Advisory Committee
School District #78 Aboriginal Education Council
First Nation Education Steering Committee
Spuzzum First Nation Title and Rights
Spuzzum First Nation First Fish Ceremony Planning
Ministry of Children and Family Department Protocol
Spuzzum First Nation Christmas Dinner Planning
School District #78 School’s First Nation Year End Celebrations

Diana’s Portfolio
Registered IRA Clerk
Spuzzum First Nation Membership
Negotiations with INAC
Negotiations with Telus
Negotiations with Canadian Pacific Railway
Spuzzum First Nation Election Code
Spuzzum First Nation Land Use Plan
Spuzzum First Nation Comprehensive Community Plan