Being Involved in Housing

Your member voice and opinions are very important to us, we want to hear from you.  From time to time we will be sending out invitations to band members to participate in planning sessions and policy workshops. We will also be planning community projects that require helping hands and input from all band members.

Policies and Procedures

The Housing department is developing several new policies to ensure fairness and consistency. These new policies address such issues as pet ownership, rent collection, eligibility for home ownership and uninsured vehicles on reserve. Band members are encouraged to review the Housing Policy Manual. If you are interested in accessing a particular policy, give us a call and we can mail or e-mail you a copy. For the entire Policy Manual drop by the office and pick up a copy.

Accessing Services

Walk-ins are always welcome but to ensure the staff are prepared for your visit we recommend you call ahead and make an appointment. We can assist with routine maintenance, providing information about healthy homes, fire safety, pest control, and other day to day issues that may arise. In emergencies, such as a damaged roof, furnace failure or major leaks, call the Housing Manager at 604-863-2395

Applying for Housing

If you are interested in applying for a home on reserve, you have the option of applying for a rental home or a rent-to-own home. Both applications are available on this page in the right sidebar for download.  For a rental home, complete an application form and send it to us, it will be kept on file for the next available rental unit. To apply for a rent-to-own home, you must re-apply every year before December 15th to maintain your place on the Housing Waiting list. Application forms can be downloaded from this site,  picked up in the Housing office or can be mailed, faxed or e-mailed upon request.

Accessing Your Information

Housing maintains files for each tenant and each house. We keep records of rental payments, complaints, incoming and outgoing correspondence, requests for maintenance, new appliances, renos and inspections. Tenants may come in and view their own files anytime upon appointment. 

Applying for Home Repairs

Repair Request forms for rental homes are available for download and can be picked up at the housing office. Requests may also be in the form of a simple letter, include details of the repair needed, your name, address, contact info and date of the request. Phone calls requesting repairs may result in undue delays so please ensure all requests are in writing. Please note that funding is limited each year and high priority repairs, such as health/ fire safety issues will be handled first. Note: A Repair Request does not guarantee the repairs will be approved. Owners of CP’d property may also apply for assistance with home repairs, as from time to time, we are able to access grants and loans for private homes. Come talk to us to learn more.

Home Maintenance Training

We will be hosting Home Maintenance workshops several times throughout the year. With instructional DVDs, guest speakers and fun, interactive demonstrations, prepare to get your hands dirty and learn about woodstove care/ safety, drywall repair, furnace care, mold prevention, yard and garden care and more. Watch for flyers as the workshops approach.