Directions for the LAND USE PLAN Workbooks

The Glossary Workbook and Land Use Scenarios Workbook are intended to be used together to provide clarity to members on the proposed land use scenarios for Spuzzum reserve lands. On the front of both workbooks is a Key Map that helps identify where each of the reserves and planning areas are located.

Glossary Workbook

The Glossary Workbook provides an overview of each of the land use designations proposed in the Land Use Scenario Workbook. We recommend the following:

  1. Review the Glossary to familiarize yourself with each of the proposed land use designations.
  2. Review the Land Use Objectives for each of the designations to ensure they are appropriate for Spuzzum’s lands and the needs of the community. Consider whether you approve of each objective (by checking the box to the right of it).
  3. Provide any further comments or objectives you feel are missing in the comments box located on the far right.

Land Use Scenarios Workbook

The Land Use Scenarios Workbook provides options for different land use designations on Spuzzum lands.

A few notes:

  • The workbook is organized into specific planning areas.
  • For some areas, similar land use designations have been grouped together to simplify the approval process by members (such as, Environmental & Cultural Planning Areas on page 10).
  • The Legend in the top right identifies the icons used on each map, corresponding with the definitions found in the Glossary Workbook.
  • Land use options are not provided for some areas where there are significant constraints to development (e.g., steep slopes)

To complete the workbook, we recommend the following for each planning area:

Question 1:
Review the options for specific land uses and let us know which you prefer (Option 1 or 2), or where there are no options let us know if you agree or disagree with the proposed land use. Use the glossary workbook to remind yourself of what the proposed land use designation is for each option.

Question 2:
Let us know if you think any potential land use options are missing.

Question 3:
Review the proposed vision statement for the planning area and let us know if you approve of it, and if not, please tell why or what you would change about it.