2021 Membership Petition

Spuzzum First Nation Members,

The purpose of the Petition is to initiate a referendum as per the 1987 Spuzzum Indian Band Membership Rules.

Please find attached:

Several sessions have been held to consult on the proposed amendments, including surveys to seek membership input into the changes.

Please note that this Petition only initiates a referendum vote on proposed amendments to the Spuzzum Indian Band Membership Rules. By signing this Petition, Spuzzum electors still have the right to vote for or against the revised Membership Code in the referendum. If this Petition is successful, Chief and Council will call a referendum vote using procedures similar to the voting process set out in the Spuzzum First Nation Custom Election Code. The result of the referendum vote will be binding.

If you would like to agree with this petition by email rather then signing the petition form please follow the directions below in green.

If you agree with the Petition, please respond to shelley.bobb@spuzzumnation.com with your full name and write “I agree”

If you would like to connect with Peter from DWG Law Corporation for more information please call 250-361-9469 or email peter@dgwlaw.ca.

For more information or to get copies of the proposed Membership Code, please contact Shelley Bobb at the office, 604-863-2395.

Thank you
Spuzzum First Nation Leadership