Land Use Plan Project


Land Use Update:


We’ve had our 4th Committee meeting and thank you to those that could attend! We discussed who we were going to hire to print out the maps (which should be ready middle of next week) after getting feedback from the members at our Band meeting. We’ve decided to go with Romano’s printing on banner material because it will be easy to roll out and weather well if subjected to UV’s. The cost is $25 per map and it looks like we will print out 13 maps in total depending on what the large version of maps looks like.


It was made clear at the meeting that more time needs to be spent in the field taking GPS points and pictures of locations that have not been recorded, perhaps we can do this when the weather is nicer in the spring/summer depending on funding to continue with our Land Use Planning. There are things we would like to continue working on with the maps moving forward.


Next steps are to finish maps, print and begin working on the analysis of our reserves given the info to date to assess the opportunities and constraints and create a “road map” to help make land use decisions that will align with the goals and objectives of our Community Comprehensive Plan and Economic Development Strategy. We need to submit to INAC before March 31, 2017.


Angie Mitchell

Land Use Coordinator


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