Assistant Housing/Capital Manager Part-time
Crystal Hatzidimitriou

Ensuring that the Housing Policies are administered fairly and professionally.
Ensuring that all Occupants have a current Tenancy Agreement.
Manage the housing application process.
Maintain a current waiting list for all prospective tenants;
Maintain a housing list and inventory of each housing program such as CMHC homes, band
homes, private homes etc.
Maintain and update a list of all band capital assets;
Overseeing the administration of all capital maintenance records.
Dealing with issues that are directly related to Rental Agreements.
Managing delinquent payments or occupancy issues.
Prepare housing maintenance schedules and inspections.
Oversee all buildings and ground maintenance.
Manage new housing projects and constructions.
Providing support to Housing Committee and liaising with fund agencies.
Providing support to accounting department regarding collection of rental.
Prepare all necessary reports for fund agencies when requested.
Prepare housing fund proposal and contractors agreements.
Assist with various program operations as requested.